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Two Hearts once joined in friendship united now with Love. VERSION #1 – 6″ tiles only.

Two Hearts once joined in friendship united now with love

6″ tiles with color – $12.

Wood stand – $3.

Also have metal stand available – $5.

NOTE:  Please indicate if you want to order a solid light tan/beige heart or a double outline heart.  The hearts can also be done in pale pink.

Two Hearts, Two Minds, Two Lives, One never ending Love

Two Hearts - One Never Ending Love

6″ tiles with color on beige tiles- $15

Wood stand – $4

Metal stand – $6.

Please indicate if you want a solid pale pink heart or double heart outline when ordering.  We can also use light tan/beige for the hearts.

Wedding ensemble – “Set of 3” personalized tiles – Version #1

Wedding Set

The perfect wedding gift for your bride and groom!

Includes 12″ tile with their wedding date across the bottom, and two 6-inch tiles with the bride’s and groom’s names, along with one metal stand for the big tile and two wood stands for the small tiles.

This set would normally be priced at $59, but we will create it for you for $44 — that’s a savings of $15!  Just ask for “Version #1 of the Set of 3 wedding tiles.”  

NOTE: Please let us know if you want the 6-inch tiles turned in the diamond shape shown above or if you want them to sit straight across in the wood stands.  ALSO, keep in mind, that if your bride and groom have longer first names, we will have to use a smaller size font in order to get them to fit across the tile.  If you have any questions, please contact us!

We also make a Version #2 of this set which has barn red hearts in the background of each tile.

Personalized vinyl saying – installed on tile floor

We put this down on the actual kitchen floor as a surprise for the customer’s wife!  She loved it!  We wanted to experiment and see how long it would hold up under normal every day wear and tear with two boys in the house.  So far so good!  It’s been there for over a year now, and the customer said it still looks perfect!

In Memoriam – child/son

In Memoriam

12″ tile – personalized – $28.

Metal stand – $6.

Bless the cook who serves love and laughter

Bless the Cook who serves love and laughter

SORRY, we have sold out of these plates, but we can put the same saying on a 6″ tile for you – $13.

3-legged metal easel – $7.

We also have black wood stands to use with 6″ tiles.  The wood stands are $4.

A house is made of wood and stone but only Love can make a Home (Version No. 1)

A house is made of wood and stone but only love can make a home

Be sure to request “Version No. 1” when emailing us an order on this tile.

12″ tile – $19.

Metal stand – $6.

Welcome to our Home

Welcome to our Home

12″ tile – $19.

Metal stand – $6.

Note:  The version I currently make has oak leaves with acorns instead of the pine tree pictures shown above.

We can also personalize this tile for you.  The personalized version is $28.

Loving you is a wonderful way to spend a lifetime

Loving you is a wonderful way to spend a lifetime

6″ tile – $13.

Available stands – wood – $3;  curly metal stand – $6.

Born to Shop! Forced to work.

Born to Shop!  Forced to work.

Small 4″ tile – $5.

Small black wood stand – $4.

One of my favorites!

Friendship isn’t a big thing – It’s a million little things

Friendship isn't a big thing - It's a million little things

6″ tile – $13.

Available stands – wood – $4;  curly metal – $6.

Families are Forever

Families are Forever

Small 4″ tiles – $5 each.  Small black wood stand – $4.

NOTE: Please indicate if you want the design on the left or the right.

Welcome to the Rowland’s – Personalized

Welcome to the Rowland's

12″ tile – personalized – $28.

Metal stand – $6.

Birth of a Child – Newborn announcement!

The day our family bloomed with love.

12″ personalized tile – $28 (using ALL black lettering/designs).

12″ personalized tile with 2-colors – $31 (beige/light tan shown).  (The deer can be changed to fit your baby’s room.  Let us know what you’d like to use, and we’ll do our best to locate the perfect design for you!)

Metal stand – $6.

Forever My Mother – Forever My Friend

Forever My Mother.  Forever My Friend.

Available in small 4″ tile – $5 with small wood stand – $4;

-OR- available in 6″ tile – $13 and wood stand – $4.

FAMILY – Forever. For Always. No Matter What.

FAMILY - Forever - For Always.  No Matter What.

12″ tile – $19.  Metal stand – $6.

Home is where your story begins. Framed. Ask for Version #1.

Home is where your story begins

12″ tile – $19

Distressed black wood frame – custom made – $16.  These frames have picture hangers on the back so you can hang your tile on the wall.  As you can see, they also still fit on the metal stands if you would rather display your tile that way.

(NOTE:  CONTACT US FOR SHIPPING CHARGES FOR A FRAME.  They cannot be shipped in Priority Mail flat rate boxes.  We ship them by UPS.)

Black metal stand – $6


Stands/easels for tiles

FRONT:  Wood stand for 6″ tiles – $4.

BACK:  Regular Metal Stand/easel for 12″ tiles – $6.

Both of these stands fold in half — book-style.

Easel for 12″ and 6″ tiles – 3-legged style

3-legged easel stand for 12″ tiles or 6″ tiles – $7.

NOTE:  You might not like this easel with all tile designs because the curly metal swirls at the bottom come up in front of the tile, and sometimes they cover up words on the tiles.  If you are considering one for you tile, contact us, and we can email you a photo of your tile design sitting on this type of stand so you can see it before you purchase one.

Stand/easel for 6″ tiles

Stand for 6" tile

Curly metal stand for 6″ tiles – $6