Custom tiles by Lori O'Reilly and Debbie O'Reilly Hill

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Personalized “zebra” tile – for the animal lovers!

6.5″ personalized tile – $19

Small black metal stand – $6

(Note: we only have a very limited supply of these small stands available at this time.  These stands are a smaller version of the ones we use for the 12″ tiles.)

Cherish Yesterday – Dream Tomorrow – Live Today

6.5″ tile – $13

Curly metal stand – $6

FAMILY . . . Forever . . . For Always . . . No Matter What.

New Size – 9×12″ Tile – $19

Black metal stand – $6

Steele Farms – personalized farm tile. We were able to reproduce their cattle brand on this tile!

6.5″ tile – trying out the cattle brand I tried to reproduce.

12″ personalized tile – $28

Black metal stand – $6

Don’t forget a tile for baby’s room too! The perfect gift for a new mom or dad!

6.5″ tile – $13

Wood stand – $4

FAMILY – Where life begins and love never ends.

NEW SIZE – 9×12 Tile with 2 colors – $22

Black metal stand – $6

Because someone we love is in heaven, there’s a little bit of heaven in our home — Version #1 personalized with name in the background

12″ personalized tile – $28
Metal stand – $6

NOTE: PLEASE ask for “Version #1 Personalized” when ordering this tile. We now have 4 different designs of this saying!

12″ personalized tile WITH colored vinyl – $28.

This tile is shown with light green vinyl.  We have a few colors available — please email us at to ask if we have a specific color.  We almost ALWAYS keep tan, barn red, and 2 shades of pink in stock.  We currently have purple, green, blue and copper too!

Black metal stand – $6

Personalized tile for a cattle loving family joined together by marriage!

12″ personalized tile done in black vinyl only- $28

Add $3 for tan initials in background.

Metal stand – $6

Retirement tile with boy fishing

12″ personalized tile – $28

Black Distressed frame – $16

Black metal stand – $6

My Angel Babies – Version 2.

12″ personalized tile – $28 (without blue teddy bears)

Add $3 for light blue teddy bears in background.

Metal stand – $6

My Angel Babies – Version #1. Memorial Tribute for two little babies. Heartbreaking.

12″ personalized – $28

Metal stand – $6

“In this Family” Tile (Non-personalized Version)

12″ tile – $25 (Yes, this one is a little higher because it takes FOREVER to get all those letters on there but it is well worth it!!!)   The tile in this photo is actually a 13″ tile instead of a 12″ tile.  We will not ship 13″ tiles, but if you’d like to pick one up just let us know and we’ll be glad to fix it on a 13″ tile for you!

Black metal stand – $6

NOTE:  THIS TILE CAN BE PERSONALIZED AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU!  We remove the line in the center that says “Friends always welcome” and insert your family name.  For example, it will say “The Andersons”.   Look under the personalized tab to see a photo of personalized version.

MOM: Your arms were always open when I needed a hug. Your heart understood when I needed a friend. Your gentle eyes were stern when I needed a lesson. Your strength and love guided me and gave me wings to help me soar.

12″ tile with 2 colors – $25.

Black metal stand – $6.