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I’m a Raggedy Ann in a Barbie doll world! :)

6.5″ tile – $13

Curly metal stand – $6

Personalized Wedding Tile – Loving you is a wonderful way to spend a lifetime.

12″ personalized tile – $28

Black metal stand – $6

Grandma’s Kitchen – Tasters Welcome

6″ tile – $13

Curly metal stand – $6

Birth Announcement Tile with purple monkeys by special request!

12″ personalized tile – $28 for all black vinyl.

Add $3 for 2-colors.

Black metal stand – $6

A Nurse’s Prayer: Lord, Bless me with a gentle touch and a caring heart.

6″ tile – $13

Wood stand – $4

Born to Shop! Forced to work. — This has always been my own motto!

6″ tile – $13.

Black metal stand – $6

Note:  We also make this design on a little 4″ tile – $6 each.

Birth Announcement Tile — sometimes plain and simple is best!

12″ tile with 2 colors – $28

Black metal stand – $6

Ok, so this isn’t on a tile . . . but it COULD have been! We used the same technique as we do with tiles, but we decided to put this saying on a photo frame for a wedding gift.

Design applied to 8×10 photo frame.  We are not selling photo frames, but we can put this same design on a tile for you!  We have 9 x 12″ tiles that we can use, or we can use a regular 12″ tile.

9×12″ or 12×12 tile with name in background – $28.  No extra charge for 2 c0lors on this design!

Keep in mind that the tan letters will have to be smaller if the name you want to put in the background is much longer than 4 letters.

“Hannah’s Tile” – Have you ever heard of Dravet Syndrome? I hadn’t until I was contacted by Hannah’s mother, and she told me her story. Usually we make this tile with a pale pink ribbon for breast cancer, but Hannah’s mom asked if we could make one with a purple ribbon. We were glad to make it for her after we heard her story. Please take time to watch the link below. I think it will touch your heart.

12″ tile with purple ribbon – $19  (Just ask for “Hannah’s Tile).

Black metal stand – $6.

NOTE:  Not available in 6” tiles.

Below is an excerpt of the email messages that  Hannah’s mom sent me:

“My daughter has Dravet Syndrome and this quote is so true for myself and my family.   Here is her story:

Here’s an update from Hannah’s mom after the video was taken:

“I absolutely LOVE the tile.  Thank you so much for making it for me.  Hannah is our sweet little angel.  She still has seizures everyday but overall she is doing better.  She has been on life support three times.  She is a fighter.  Developmentally she is delayed but she has so much love to give.  She can give us hugs and kisses, and that is priceless.  I would love to hear her speak one day and say “I love you” but even if she doesn’t say it I know she feels it . 🙂  My family is very strong, and we just wake up every morning and see it as a new day.”

Your story touched our hearts, Hannah, and we hope you continue to make progress with the treatment of Dravet Syndrome.

NOTE:  We still make this 12″ tile with a pale pink ribbon too.  Last fall we learned that different kinds of cancer use different colored ribbons as an emblem for where the cancer strikes the body.  We will be glad to see if we can get the right color of ribbon to meet your needs.  Just contact us at: