Custom tiles by Lori O'Reilly and Debbie O'Reilly Hill


Two Hearts, Two Minds, Two Lives, One never ending Love

Two Hearts - One Never Ending Love

6″ tiles with color on beige tiles- $15

Wood stand – $4

Metal stand – $6.

Please indicate if you want a solid pale pink heart or double heart outline when ordering.  We can also use light tan/beige for the hearts.

Stands/easels for tiles

FRONT:  Wood stand for 6″ tiles – $4.

BACK:  Regular Metal Stand/easel for 12″ tiles – $6.

Both of these stands fold in half — book-style.

Easel for 12″ and 6″ tiles – 3-legged style

3-legged easel stand for 12″ tiles or 6″ tiles – $7.

NOTE:  You might not like this easel with all tile designs because the curly metal swirls at the bottom come up in front of the tile, and sometimes they cover up words on the tiles.  If you are considering one for you tile, contact us, and we can email you a photo of your tile design sitting on this type of stand so you can see it before you purchase one.

Stand/easel for 6″ tiles

Stand for 6" tile

Curly metal stand for 6″ tiles – $6