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Personalized Family Name Tile – customized to fit your family or friends

12″ personalized tile – $28

Add $3 for 2-colors.

Black distressed frame – $15

With a little help from You, we can add some of the things You LOVE (or things that the people you’re buying the tile for LOVE,  in order to make your tile buying experience even more personalized.  This tile was created for a customer who asked for mountains, cabins and german shephards.  We kept looking until we found all 3 requests!

Family Name Tile – 2-color. We’ve named it “Basil No. 2.” This is perfect for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays or “just because” you want to send a gift!

12″ personalized tile with 2 colors – $28.

Metal stand – $6.

These tiles look FABULOUS in our black frames ($16).

Personalized family name tile – “Sims”


Personalized tile – $28.  No charge for tan initial!

Distressed black frame – $16.

Metal stand – $6.

Welcome to our Home – with an added touch to make it fit Your Home!

coon dogs

12″ tile – $19

Metal stand – $6.

The customer asked us to add coon dogs to this tile because her parents are crazy about coon hunting!  We searched high & low to find a coon dog for her!

We’ll do our best to customize  a tile to fit Your Needs!  Just contact us!

Special Consignment Request

We were contacted to fill this special order for Christmas.  We can put your favorite sayings on a tile for you!  The design on the right was the customer’s personal symbol, and we were able to recreate it on a tile for his special someone!

NAME TILES with decorative scroll design

Available in 12″ tiles or a 6×12″ tile – $25.

Metal stands – $6.

I will love you ’til the day after forever. Please ask for Version #2. Personalized wedding gift with the couple’s initial in background.

I will love you til the day after forever

Please ask for Version #2:  12″ personalized tile with free initial (for this design only) in tan color – $28.  (Savings of $3 from normal price.)

Metal stand – $6.

Picture shows another variation of our wedding tiles, and how we can personalize them to meet your individual needs.  This customer requested barbed wire around the outside edge of the tile.  Contact us at with your ideas to create your own custom tile!  We want these tiles to reflect your personality!

Personalized – Family is what happens when two people fall in love. (Be sure to ask for Version #3)

Family is what happens

12″ personalized tile – $28.  (NOTE:  BE SURE TO ASK FOR VERSION No. 3)

Metal stand – $6.

Personalized Tile – Business Name

Tranquil Touch Massage

12″ personalized tile – $25.

Metal stand – $5.

In Memoriam – child/son

In Memoriam

12″ tile – personalized – $28.

Metal stand – $6.

Birth of a Child – Newborn announcement!

The day our family bloomed with love.

12″ personalized tile – $28 (using ALL black lettering/designs).

12″ personalized tile with 2-colors – $31 (beige/light tan shown).  (The deer can be changed to fit your baby’s room.  Let us know what you’d like to use, and we’ll do our best to locate the perfect design for you!)

Metal stand – $6.

To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.

12″ tile – $19.

Metal stand – $6.

In Loving Memory

12″ Personalized Tile = $28.

Oak wood frame available for $16.   (NOTE:  Contact us for shipping charges when ordering a frame.  We cannot ship them in Priority Mail flat rate boxes.  They are shipped by UPS.)

Personalized Tiles — Family

12″ tile – Personalized – $28.

Metal stand – $6.

Personalized Custom Tile

12 ” tile – personalized – with 2 colors – $20.  Normally priced $5 higher, but if you want this same design with your name and initials, we will give you the $20 price.

Metal stand – $5.

Farm – Personalized Family Name

12 inch tile – personalized – with 2 colors:  $20.   Normally priced $5 higher, but if you want this same style with your farm name, we will give you the price break.

Metal stand – $5.

In Memoriam – Personalized

12 inch tile – personalized – $28.

Metal stand – $6.

“Family Established”, with initials

12 inch tile with 2 colors – $28.

Same tile without the initials in the background – $25.

Metal stand – $6.

Cleaning can wait; Babies don’t keep.

12 inch tile – $19.  Metal stand – $6.

Metal pails were a special request and are not part of our normal line.  However, we thought they might give you some ideas of how we can personalize items for you!

Always on my mind; Forever in my heart.

12 inch tile – personalized – $28.

Metal stand – $6.

Home Is Where Your Story Begins

Left:  6″ tile – Welcome to our Home – $13.

Center:  12″ tile – Home is where your story begins. – $19.

Right:  6″ tile – Bless this House – $13.

(Metal stand on left is no longer available.)

“Family Established”

12″ tile – personalized – $25.

Metal stand – $6.

Commemorating the birth of a child.

12″ tile – personalized – $28 (all done in black).

12″ tile – personalized – with 2 colors (black and pale pink) – $31.

NOTE:  We also have a brighter pink available.

Metal stand – $6.

FAITH – Makes all things possible. LOVE – Makes all things easy. HOPE – Makes all things work.

12″ tile – $19.  Metal stand – $6.